Why We Do This

It’s time for God’s people to get real about life, about their shortcomings, about their potential and about God’s plans for them. One of the biggest areas of failing in the lives of individual believers and churches is finance. Across the United States and around the world, families are in debt, churches are stressed, and ministries are under-funded because God’s people don’t have the heart attitudes and practical training to use His money the way He intends.

Too often, God’s people fall into worldly patterns of handling money. It’s not because their intentions are bad; rather, they’ve simply never been taught that the world’s financial philosophies (which they internalized growing up) are deeply flawed. There’s nothing about us that makes us financial whiz kids, or gives us some special insight into the world of money. But we do know that where there are problems, God’s word has solutions, and we believe that the wisdom He reveals in scripture is deeper, smarter and more fruitful than anything else the world has to say.

We believe that God has a master plan for our financial lives that he gives us in the Bible. This site is here to help believers — and especially young people — learn about how to do money God’s way… and how to get God-sized results.


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