We love teaching God’s financial principles, and we love visiting churches around the country… so why not do both?

Brian and Laura are available for speaking and financial training for churches, youth groups, student ministries and other faith-based organizations.

  • The complete “God and Money” course can be taught in a series of four or six weekly sessions.
  • “God and Money” can be packaged into a weekend seminar. Abbreviated versions of the course are also available as one-day or two-night sessions. We’re flexible and can work within the confines of your organization’s schedule.
  • Sections of material can be presented as individual sermons, keynotes or lectures. Titles include “Are You a Slave?” (a look at the ways that money sneaks in and dominates our lives); “God’s Master Plan for your Money” (an overview of God’s financial priorities for your life); and “The Great Equation” (tithing, giving, sowing and reaping).
To contact us about speaking to your group, fill out the information below. We’ll be in touch with you in a flash.


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