Borrowing Money for Missions in Alaska?

In our “Questions and Answers” section, we got this question from Tony, a man in Texas is who feels called to start a homeless ministry in Alaska and is looking for a way to fund the work. We posted an abridged version of Tony’s question with the our answer here; the full text of the question that he sent appears on this page.

It has been placed heavy on my family’s heart to move to Alaska and start a homeless teen center around the Mat-Su Valley between Palmer and Wasilla. The Alaska area is plagued with alcohol issues, depression, physical and sexual abuse. A lot of the teens leave there villages looking for a better life. They are looking to get away from the old lifestyle or abuse. Not all of them are able to find places to live. What we would like to do is set up a place where they can live; go to school to learn trades that will help them find work. We would also like to introduce them to Jesus Christ. When different religions first got to Alaska the people were taken advantage of and in some cases the kids were abused. So it is hard to gain the trust of the native Alaskans.

What we would like to do is buy an RV and drive up to Alaska and use it as a home at first until we figure out the best place to set up the center. At that point we will get a house and then we would like to use the RV as a tool. We were looking at putting an internet dish on it and turning it in to a online school where homeless could come and take classes for free.

The problem is we have not had a credit card or a loan in a long time, so getting a loan might be hard I have thought about having my parents cosign but not sure I want to drag them in to this. My current job will be going with me so that is how we plan on paying for the RV. I figure it is no different than getting a loan for a house or car. Instead of paying $1,200 in rent, a $600 RV payment and $600 to park the RV, plus electric and water, sounded like a good trade off to me. My house electric runs me around $350 a month, so living in the RV will be cheaper. We are well aware of the cold and we have been told what to do to weather proof the RV.

To raise the money we have sold 90% of our possessions and we have done an online fundraiser We have asked all our friends, relatives, the church we attend and other churches, and we have not even come close to the money we need. A lot of doors had opened up, so we were really thinking God was blessing it. But now we have been sitting in a house with no furniture well we have a kitchen table and a desk left. And everything is in boxes. I’m not sure if I am supposed to wait on God or he is waiting on me to take a leap of faith to bless the whole thing.

Click here to read our reply to Tony’s question.



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