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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Do you have questions about your money that need answers? Search our articles below for answers to questions commonly asked by our readers, or submit your own question at the link below.

How Should I Finance my Alaska Ministry?
Borrowing money is never a good way to get a ministry going.
Read more.
Does God Bless Your Faith or Your Work?
Should we wait on God to bless us financially, or go work hard in the marketplace to win?
Read more.
Should My Church Borrow Money for a Building?
Will taking out a mortgage help or hurt this growing congregation?
Read more.
Should I Borrow Money for a Mission Trip?
Even a mission from God doesn't make debt a good idea.
Read more.
Should You Quit Tithing if You’re in Debt?
You can't fix one bad decision by making another one.
Read more.
Why Do Some Christians Struggle Financially?
Financial success requires both righteousness and wisdom.
Read more.
Tithing but Still Struggling
Why Isn’t Tithing Making my Financial Life Better?
Tithing isn't a heavenly investment scheme, but a matter of the heart.
Read more.
How Does Debt Affect Your Ministry?
Bad financial decisions can pose a serious threat to your ministry.
Read more.
Recovering From a Financial Emergency
How does an overworked dad get his family back on track after a medical emergency?
Read more.
Should Charity be Mandated by Law?
Why social welfare programs don't get us off the hook for giving to the poor.
Read more.


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