Mastering Your Money

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Mastering your Money
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Mastering Your Money

Finding financial freedom means mastering your money — making it serve you, instead of the other way around. Check out these articles for practical wisdom on how you can get your finances in order.


Save Money by Getting Second Opinions
Always shop around for the best deal on these five things.
Read more.
Why Owning a Home is Better Than Renting
Five benefits of home ownership that renters don't enjoy.
Read more.
Your Favorite Money Articles of the Year
Our five most popular personal finance articles of 2013.
Read more.
To Fund-raise or Not To Fund-Raise?
Five questions to ask yourself before asking others for money.
Read more.
Five Surprising Financial Blessings
Managing your money is easier now than it ever has been.
Read more.
Laziness is Costing You Money
Five Ways that Laziness is Costing You Money
Ignoring your little financial indiscretions now will make your life much more expensive later.
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Five Ways Obamacare Could Disrupt Your Economy
Expensive insurance could cause economic pain.
Read more.
Awkward Obligations: Weddings, Births and Social Gifts
Celebrating can leave you broke.
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household budget
Are These Things in Your Budget?
If you're not budgeting for these annual expenses now, you could be in trouble later.
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Buying Cars on a Budget
Strategy and discipline are your best friends when buying cars.
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