God’s Master Plan

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God's Master Plan
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God’s Master Plan

God has a Master Plan for your money. Discover what He says about money throughout the Bible by searching or browsing these articles.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is Over. Now What?
Has the Ice Bucket Challenge inoculated us against true generosity?
Read more.
Giving Helps Us Overcome Fear
Selfishness steals our peace, but generosity gives it in abundance.
Read more.
Excellent Christians are Excellent Givers
Generosity is a hallmark of a thriving Christian life.
Read more.
Giving Changes Your Future Because it Changes You
Generosity makes your world bigger.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor: Are You a Public Giver?
All that matters is a generous heart.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor: Keep Your Ears Open
Don't tune out cries for help.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor
Caring for the Poor: Ministry to Christ
Loving Jesus means caring for the least of His children.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor: True Fasting
Christian rituals don't mean much if they lack love, charity and sacrifice.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor: Praise and Thanksgiving
Our giving causes others to give praise and thanksgiving to God.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor: Giving Gets God’s Attention
Our gifts to the poor get noticed in heaven.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor: Pure and Faultless Religion
Charity is the hallmark of true faith.
Read more.
Caring for the Poor: Motivated by Love
Charity is meaningless if it isn't driven by a heart of love.
Read more.

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