Are You a Slave?

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Are You a Slave?
God and Debt
God's Master Plan
Mastering your Money
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Are You a Slave?

Are you a slave to money? Debt? Poverty? Greed? These articles will help you examine your life and your heart to find the things holding you back from financial freedom.

Are You a Slave to Luxury?
Small indulgences can add up to big financial problems.
Read more.
Pursuing Wealth Can Kill Your Faith
Money can deceive you and choke out God's fruit in your life.
Read more.
Adultery, Greed and Your Heart’s True Love
Don't let money take the place in your heart that only God deserves.
Read more.
Christmastime’s Most Famous Money Slaves
In the end, will you be a Marley or a Scrooge?
Read more.
Understanding the Difference Between Dreams and Fantasies
Are your ambitions realistic?
Read more.
Are You a Slave to Your Fantasies?
Chasing unrealistic ideas keeps us from succeeding financially where we're planted.
Read more.
Five Dangers of Building Your Life Around Money
Money is a faulty foundation for your soul.
Read more.
How Do You Feel About the Poor?
The way you treat poor people says a lot about the condition of your own heart.
Read more.
How Do You Feel About the Wealthy?
Don't let other people's money change the condition of your heart.
Read more.
Are You a Slave to Your Kids?
Don't let your children inspire you to make bad financial decisions.
Read more.
Are You a Slave to Your House?
Do you own your home, or does your home own you?
Read more.

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