Thankfulness: The Key to Financial Freedom

If you want real financial freedom, this one action may help you get there faster than any other: Give thanks.

This is not self-help hogwash that I’m peddling, and I haven’t scraped together some cheap pablum to publish on Thanksgiving Day. Rather, the significance of this occasion helps to highlight a principle that can fundamentally change your relationship to money.

Financial slavery is a problem that starts in your heart, not your pocketbook. And the key to breaking free from that slavery is to change the attitude of your heart. If you learn to have a thankful heart, nothing can make a slave of you ever again.

Why should we give thanks? There are a million reasons, but from a financial management point of view, thankfulness helps us to affirm some really key truths about money. Everything in the world belongs to God, and He has chosen to entrust some of those resources to us. You don’t have a fundamental right to expect things from this universe; rather God gives you things to bless you. He is a good father who delights in giving good gifts to His children.

When we realize that God really does own it all, and that everything we have is a gift from Him, we can’t help but to be thankful for all of the blessings in our lives (financial and otherwise). When we intentionally make a habit of giving thanks to Him, we keep our hearts in right alignment with His, and focus our financial management on His priorities for our money.

Thankfulness is also a great remedy for many of the wrong financial attitudes that can bind us up in slavery. A thankful heart isn’t stingy, greedy or envious. Thankfulness is the antidote to discontentment, and  frees us from false identity, false motivations and a false poverty mentality.

Thankfulness in your heart is the key to wise decisions in your mind too. If you’re thankful for the resources that you have, you’re much more likely to be a good steward of them. When you recognize that you’re managing resources for the God of the universe, you’re going to work hard to account for every dollar, and make sure that you’re not spending His money on wasteful or unwise things.

Thankfulness will also steer you in the right direction in the areas of sowing, giving and generosity. Because we are grateful for the way that God has freely given to us, we freely give back to Him and to others. A proper attitude toward tithing comes from thankfulness, and a thankful heart will soon become a generous heart as well.

I hope that you see how important thankfulness is in your relationship with God and with money. Growing a thankful heart will set you free from financial slavery, and put you in a position to be richly blessed and to richly bless those around you. There is no financial problem that doesn’t find its solution rooted in a thankful heart.

In this season of Thanksgiving, it’s easy to lose the essence of gratefulness amid second helpings of turkey and football double-headers. Let us encourage you to take the spirit of this holiday to heart, and to begin to make thanksgiving an integral part of your daily spiritual life. Where a thankful heart leads, blessings follow.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May God richly bless you all.


Photo by Fivehanks. Used under Creative Commons License.

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