1. […] are all sorts of ways to plan a budget — on paper, on a spreadsheet, or with a variety of advanced strategies — there’s no way to work around bad spending habits. You just can’t outwit […]

  2. […] may have mastered your out-of-control spending habits and become the world’s best budgeter. You’re not only allocating money for things that you spend every day, but you also set money […]

  3. […] a certain amount of our monthly income earmarked to be used for Christmas gifts. We have that money automatically transferred into a set-aside savings account each month. By doing this, we reach the holidays each year with our Christmas budget fully […]

  4. […] the months or weeks in the year, and deduct that amount from your monthly or weekly budget. Use a “set-aside” savings account to keep that money separate from your regular checking so that you don’t accidentally spend […]

  5. […] and it can be difficult to account for these in a monthly budget. The solution is to use a set-aside savings account that automatically draws some money out of your checking account every month to cover these […]

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