The Ice Bucket Challenge is Over. Now What?

Has the Ice Bucket Challenge inoculated us against true generosity?

Are You a Slave to Selfishness?

Five signs that selfishness controls your wallet and your heart.

Five Things You Lose When You Borrow Money

Debt takes away more opportunities than it affords.

Are You Intentional with Your Money?

Success with money requires value judgments and strategic planning.

Are You a Slave?

Are You a Slave to Luxury?

Small indulgences can add up to big financial problems.

Mastering Your Money

Save Money by Getting Second Opinions

Always shop around for the best deal on these five things.

God’s Master Plan

Giving Helps Us Overcome Fear

Selfishness steals our peace, but generosity gives it in abundance.

God and Debt

Never, Ever, Ever Borrow Money From Family

Debt creates slavery where love should be instead.

Questions and Answers

How Should I Finance my Alaska Ministry?

Borrowing money is never a good way to get a ministry going.

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